• Beard Booster

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    Beard Booster With Regular Use Will Help Jump Start Any Dormant Hair. Beard Booster is a custom blend of hair healthy oils. We blend Lemon Grass ,Cedar Wood, Lavender and Other Rich oils together in harmony to give you every chance to have that Full Healthy  Beard. *THE TRUTH* Nothing will grow hair if you don’t have a dormant root under the skin. (Instructions) Place a cap full of Oil in the cup take your brush and carefully apply the oil to your face first in a straight line along the top area where you want your top beard line to be . (BE CAREFUL NOT TO GO TOO HIGH)   Hair grows at a rate of approx. 1/2 inch per month so Have Patience. Apply once a day for 30 days. Take a Picture before you begin so that you can monitor you progress. It is a good idea to not shave during this process.  After Your First Thirty Days

    Apply Once A Week for thirty Days.



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