• Stainless Steel Carving Pen/ Hair Razor With Blades

    $20.00 $5.50

    Knife handle material: stainless steel
    Blade material: import 440
    Cleaning type: whole body washing.
    Size: 17.2*0.5cm
    Read before buying:
    The carving pen is blade type.
    The sculpture pen is the principle of a razor. Like shaving, before using it, apply a hot towel or apply a little conditioner to lubricate it. It's better to shave.
    It's very important to use the angle. If you receive the goods, you'd better practice it on your arm first and then use it on the head.
    Package Includes:
    Product uses: eyebrow, carving, and mustache repair
    Package contents: 1X carving knife


    Liquid Barber